CXOdinners empower global CXO & Enterprise leaders through thought leading, informative and engaging collaboration over dinner

Attendees are the leaders who are the visionaries that plan, execute and walk-the-line of innovation

Attended by the Biggest Enterprises & Brands

... attend among 1000's more brands through 100's on annual events!

CXO Collaboration

CXOdinners collaborate CXOs and leaders through invite-only dinners that center around moderated exchangeAttended by the biggest brands and enterprises  CXOdinners allow leaders to collaborate on current issues and benchmark paths while engaging on lasting relationships.

Discussions that just don't happen within the confines of the office.


May 1 - 3, 2015
9am to 6pm
City Convention Centre



for collaboration beyond the confines of the office

Hosted by Game Changing Innovative Solution Providers That Understand the Power of Collaboration

...are among 100s of cutting edge technology partners that support our dinners annually!

shaping today's enterprise through collaboration within the Office of the CXO



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21 CIOdinner New York (host: RCNClick to Attend

21 CIOdinner Arizona (host: Trace3Click to Attend


26 CISOdinner Toronto (host: Rogers) Click to Attend

Ten Reasons Why Top Leaders Choose CXOdinners...

1. Collaboration

2. Engage

3. Benchmark

4. Peer-2-Peer

5. Timing

6. Exclusive Audience

7. Thought-Leading

8. Unparalleled Learning

9. Local Relationships

10. World Renowned Venues

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Who Are We? We're CXOsync

CXOsync has been collaborating enterprise CXOs for nearly a decade. Our events are engineered to bring out the who's who of C-suite leadership and incubate discussions that just don't happen within the confines of the office, a platform where leaders discuss, debate and challenge directions, strategies and share those ever important lessons learned. Explore our portfolio of events at

So What Are CXOdinner Attendees Saying?

1. Dr. Allen Butler

2. Steven Davidson

3. Rajiv Tibrewala

4. Dave Ruedger

5. Karen Kirwan

6. Ronald Koy

7. Thought-Leading

8. Julianna Cole

9. Calvin Madlock

Cutting Edge Content

Engaging 25 corporate leaders through an evening of exchange is the foundation of  CXOdinners. Achieved through a carefully selected audience that share commonalities of Industry & size; these dinners allow a meaningful exchange of ideas as each attendee seeks guidance from a group of peers who have walked the path they face

Enterprise leaders value CXOdinners as a platform to collaborate as they lack the static and time commitment of an event or conference.

*71% of surveyed enterprise CXOs had attended a CXO dinner within the the past 12 months.


Attended a CXO dinner 

*we surveyed over 1900 CXOs and leaders throughout the past years


Solution providers that believe in the power of relationships & collaboration partner with CIOdinners everyday. 

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